Hearing Aids

For people with hearing loss who have significant trouble with conversations or hearing the sounds they want to hear, hearing aids are often a treatment option. Today’s hearing aids are complex sound processors that come in many styles and technology levels. Determining what will work best for any one individual is also complex. At Hearing and Audiology Services we will work to make sure you understand the complexity of today’s technology. It our hope that with this education you will be able to make the best decision for you.

You may be concerned about how hearing aids will look. Hearing aids today are quite discreet. In office, we will be able to show you how they look. You may be concerned about how hearing aids will work. Everyone knows someone who spent thousands on hearing aids only to leave them in a drawer and never wear them. We never want this to happen at Hearing and Audiology Services. You will always have a trial period at Hearing and Audiology Services.


Hearing aids have traditionally been provided in a bundled model. This means that the hearing aids themselves and all services involved in the delivery, fitting and servicing for the life of the hearing aids are paid for at the time of purchase. When you choose this model you pay for everything related to the hearing aids at the time of purchase and are not charged for future appointments or services.

We use this model at Hearing and Audiology Services, but we also offer our patients a choice. We also offer an unbundled model. In this model the cost of the hearing aids is separated from the services related to the fitting and servicing of the hearing aids. By doing this patients are able to pay less for hearing aids and pay for services as needed. It is important to know that some services are required at the time of fitting. Call us to learn more about unbundling.

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Hearing aids can instantly change your life.

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