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Everyone deserves exceptional hearing healthcare.

The truth is, hearing problems affect the people we love and the activities we enjoy. Knowing when to get help can be difficult. Hearing and Audiology Services is here to help.

Hearing and Audiology Services is a locally owned Audiology private practice. We employ only state licensed, certified clinical audiologists with doctorate degrees in Audiology. Audiology is the science of hearing and balance and related disorders. An audiologist is a healthcare professional who provides patient centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis and evidenced based treatment of hearing disorders. Our audiologists have over 30 years of experience in helping people with hearing loss, diagnostic hearing services and use of modern hearing technology.

At Hearing and Audiology Services we believe that in order for people to make the best decisions about getting help for hearing loss, they must fully understand their hearing loss, if there is a need for medical evaluation, and the effect of their hearing loss on conversation as well as the benefit of various treatments. We focus on education which begins with a comprehensive hearing test and communication evaluation.

Our office provides a complete range of diagnostic hearing services as well as preventative options. From comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repair, to custom ear plugs and protection, tinnitus management, we measure our own success by the satisfaction of our patients. It’s why we focus on delivering effective results with compassion, education, and integrity.

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