Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Making Life More Convenient

Sonic hearing aids and the technology behind them continuously improve year after year, delivering greater sound quality, enhanced features, and advanced options that have one particular goal in mind, convenience.

Products in our current lineup contain high-tech features such as automatic adjustments based on your surroundings and Bluetooth® streaming options. Now our hearing aids can also deliver reliable rechargeable options via a built-in Lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion, or li-ion, batteries are already used in the majority of rechargeable consumer electronics such as laptops, smartphones and other portable devices. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use this tried and true technology in today’s most advanced hearing aids which are more power-hungry, especially when streaming audio from wireless devices.

Imagine never worrying about purchasing spare batteries, never worrying about your hearing aid battery dying during an important meeting, never worrying about removing your hearing aids and fussing with a tiny disposable battery, this is what a rechargeable hearing aid can do for you. Hearing aids containing a li-ion rechargeable battery offer convenience and peace of mind, taking away that worry and replacing it with the confidence that your hearing aid will provide you with a full day of use with one single charge.

Charging a hearing aid with a li-ion battery is quick and easy. A full charge is reached in approximately 3 hours and there is no ‘memory effect’. Meaning, you do not need to make sure that the battery has fully discharged before proceeding. Simply place your hearing aids in the charging unit when not in use and they will be charged and ready to go when you are. While there are always factors that affect performance, you can expect your rechargeable hearing aids to last for an entire day of use. Use your hearing aids to hear conversations face-to-face or use the built-in Bluetooth connection to pair them to your smartphone, tablet or other compatible wireless accessories to stream phone calls, music, shows and more, all on a single charge.*

Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids also offer the convenience of decreased maintenance costs. Over a span of three years, the average hearing aid will go through approximately 300 disposable batteries. This expense (and waste) goes away when using a hearing aid that contains a li-ion rechargeable battery.

So, when you combine the most recent hearing aid technology with the convenience and peace of mind of rechargeability, you will have an advanced hearing aid experience that is going to meet, if not, exceed all of your daily demands for both sound quality and performance.

Sonic rechargeable hearing aids are available only through your local hearing care professional. To discover more about this technology and how it might benefit you, please visit our website to find a hearing care center near you.

* Requires Sonic 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® lithium-ion hearing aids and a compatible device. For more information on compatibility, please visit


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