Kris Grbac-Schomaker, M.A.CCC-A

Kris Grbac-Schomaker, M.A. CCC-A.

Clinical Audiologist


I have been an audiologist for over twenty years and have worked in various settings like the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, ENT office and university clinic. I have also worked as a consultant to the state newborn hearing screening program for many years.



I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Missouri State University and a Master of Arts degree in Audiology from Kansas University.



Certificate of Clinical Competence in audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association since 1989.



Missouri Audiology license from the State Board of Healing Arts since 1989. (License # 01895)


Important Definitions

Audiology: the study of hearing, balance and related disorders

Audiologist: a healthcare professional that specializes in preventing and assessing hearing and balance disorders as well as providing non-medical treatment including hearing aids.


I am the owner/operator of Hearing and Audiology Services. Services offered include:

  • hearing screenings,

  • hearing evaluations,

  • hearing fitting,

  • assistive listening devices,

  • earmolds,

  • hearing aid checks,

  • hearing aid instruction,

  • hearing rehabilitation,

  • hearing protection.




I want my patients to fully understand their hearing test results and why hearing aids work well for some people and not for others. I provide comprehensive services and high value devices. It is my belief that no adult has to have hearing aids and that the benefit received from hearing aids depends very much on the amount of handicap created by the hearing loss. When a person understands their own hearing loss, its effects on speech understanding and the benefits and liabilities of hearing aid use, that person, along with their audiologist, can determine if the time is right to try hearing aids.