Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Making Life More Convenient

Sonic hearing aids and the technology behind them continuously improve year after year, delivering greater sound quality, enhanced features, and advanced options that have one particular goal in mind, convenience. Products in our current lineup contain high-tech features such as automatic adjustments based on your surroundings and Bluetooth® streaming options. Now our hearing aids can… Continue reading Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Making Life More Convenient

5 Dangerous Household Sounds

Many people think that most loud sounds that can cause hearing loss are found in the workplace, or at sporting events and concerts. But there are also potentially dangerous sounds in your household that can cause hearing loss. Some of them may seem innocent enough, but appearances can be deceiving. First, let’s understand that dangerous… Continue reading 5 Dangerous Household Sounds

Understanding Your Audiogram

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If you or your loved one has just had a hearing test performed by a hearing care professional (or if you are planning to have one in the near future), you will receive the results as an audiogram. An audiogram is a graph that expresses your hearing capabilities as lines and symbols. Once you learn how… Continue reading Understanding Your Audiogram